主要在于英汉两种语言句子的基本结构都是,questions 后面带有定语从句,留念,这篇的主题是善用词伙

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It is not uncommon these days for young adults to accept higher
education in universities rather than go to work directly after
graduating from high school. People tend to think that those who having
a diploma will have a better job, a higher salary and a more successful
career. However, there are some badmouthing against higher education
recently. Some argue that going to university is useless and
time-wasting, because students only learn theories from textbook in
university and lack practical experience, as well as miss the chances to
be promoted. Is investing in a higher education still worth it? My
answer is “yes”. Higher education pays off not only financially but in
ways that are impossible to measure.



It’s not obvious how the capacity to visualize objects and to figure
out numerical patterns suits one to answer questions that have eluded
some of the best poets and philosophers.

First, having a degree often means having a better job and earning more
money. Graduates may get a same, or even a lower salary compared to
their colleagues when they get a job at the first time, but they will
soon get a much higher salary after accustomed to the working place and
gain social experience. They tend to have a better job performance, be
more adaptable to news things, and more creative, thus they are easily
to be promoted. Besides, a diploma also gives graduates an upper hand in
a economic recession. They stand a better chance of not being laid off,
because they are doing more creative jobs in a knowledge-based economy.


  1. theoretical knowledge
  2. a considerable number of
  3. complete a university degree
  4. achieve success
  5. a fulfilling career 让人感觉有意义的;令人满足的 职业
  6. gain a full understanding
  7. build expertise 构建专业知识
  8. the causes of
  9. mental health problems
  10. empirical knowledge
  11. pratical implications 实践意义
  12. a good job prospect
  13. earn a fortune 发大财
  14. advance innovations 促进创新
  15. improve problem-solving abilities
  16. exercise creative potential
  17. 金沙澳门官网手机版,improve research skills
  18. broaden people’s minds 开拓思维
  19. improve critical thinking skills
  20. go to university
  21. receive some practical training
  22. personality traits
  23. social network
  24. higher education
  25. social relationships


主干: It’s not obvious

Second and more important, students have a new way of approaching the
world, through the power of learning, analyzing, and thinking
critically. University is not only a place to acquire knowledge, but to
learn different ways of thinking as well. For instance, historical
lessons are more than just demonstrating some statistics and to know
some well-known figures in the history. The true meaning of learning
history is to give students a chance to understand themselves
differently, seeing how their lives are both like and unlike those who
inhabited other eras and other lands. Students learn to analyze one
thing from different perspectives. Therefore, they tend to be more
sensible and less credulous to the misleading advertisements full of
their lives. Higher education prepares students for a lifetime of
considering information and growing in knowledge and in wisdom.


  1. be well-informed about
  2. at university 不要用 in
  3. empower 赋予权利
  4. so 和 and 都是连词,因此 so 可以这样使用:
    ….(clause)… , so ……(clause)……..
  5. in common 共同的
  6. optimistic 乐观的 pessimistic 悲观的
  7. businesspeople 商人
  8. draw upon 利用;
  9. gain access to resources
  10. undervalue 低估
  11. handle/solve/tackle problems
  12. sociable 善于社交的
  13. 逗号+even 后不能直接加完整地句子,必须是
    逗号+ and + even
  14. 副词+ly什么时候去e,什么时候不去e呢?

一、在形容词词尾直接加-ly.如:real-really; helpful-helpfully;
careful-carefully; hopeful-hopefully; slow-slowly; quick-quickly;
angry-angrily; easy-easily
true-truly; gentle-gently 另外,副词还可以由形容词加前缀a-得来,如:loud
(adj.)-aloud (adv.)
此外,部分名词加后缀也可变成副词,如:part-partly.例句:It is partly her
fault.有部分是她的错.需注意:friendly; motherly;



分别举例如下: quick—quickly, true—truly, happy—happily,


主语从句:how the capacity suits one to answer questions

Admittedly, students spending a long time in the ivory tower may lack
practical experience and not adaptable to a social job. They may not
know how to use the knowledge they learned from textbook to solve real
life’s problems. However, they can simply overcome this difficulty by
taking part-time jobs and attending more social events. A student
majoring in economy may not know how to sell household equipment in a
department, but after analyzing those products with the knowledge
learned from school, and then conceiving of a few of plans, he or she
may quickly promote those equipment, and perform much better than
before. Moreover, there are many practical lessons in school to help
student gain real experience. In these lessons, professors encourage
students to think independently, to cooperate with their team members,
to build a new model by using theoretical knowledge in order to solve


不定式作定语:to visualize objects and to figure out numerical patterns

Overall, investing in higher education is a worthy deal, for it will
bring you an immeasurable fortune, both in physical and spiritual sides.
it not only helps you kickstart a career in fields you like, but gives
you a new way to approach the world. The value of higher education is
embodied in those who dream bigger and achieve more, who create their
own futures by their own hands and shape their own destinies.


定语从句:that have eluded some of the best poets and philosophers.

do 不定式短语,所以大家可以将其处理为to edit short
eyes glued at the
caring about his stopping in the road center or beside the restroom。



We are familiar with the scene when a person suddenly stops his steps to
edit short message with eyes glued at the phone, not caring about his
stopping in the road center or beside the restroom.

翻译之道:questions 后面带有定语从句,我们理解时就应理解成 that 的
questions,若 that 比较长,就先译

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例2: Traditional tests best assess ****金沙澳门官网手机版:全文翻译16-Collocation。ytical and verbal skills but
fail to measure creativity and practical knowledge, components also
critical to problem solving and life success.

In his article “How Intelligent Is Intelligence Testing?”, Sternberg
notes that traditional test best assess analytical and verbal skills
but fail to measure creativity and practical knowledge, components
also critical to problem solving and life success.

tests,谓语动词assess,宾语****ytical and verbal skills
****ytical and verbal skills和fail to measure creativity and
practical knowledge。Components作为同位语对creativity and practical
knowledge进行解释说明,critical to problem solving and life

金沙澳门官网手机版:全文翻译16-Collocation。主干:Sternberg notes


宾语从句: that traditional test best 状 assess analytical and verbal
skills but fail to measure creativity and practical knowledge

1)Traditional tests best assess ****ytical and verbal skills but
fail to measure creativity and


practical knowledge

形容词短语作后置定语:also critical to problem solving and life success.

2)components also critical to problem solving and life success.

金沙澳门官网手机版:全文翻译16-Collocation。状语:In his article


同位语: “How Intelligent Is Intelligence Testing?”



句子解说:末尾的 components 显得很突然,突然出现的往往是”同位语“。